Although online dating becomes more and more popular among single bikers, there still are a lot of them are reluctant to grasp that opportunity due to the negative stigmas about this field. Well, these motorcycle riders should take a careful look at this article that will debunk a few of these myths that trouble them.

1. Online dating is for those who are desperate and strange

This is absolutely a misconception. It is true that online dating seems as the last step for single riders before going to post an ad in the newspaper when it first started. Thus, the members may be desperate and strange. But nowadays, online dating becomes a popular trend between singles. And it is filled with countless handsome single biker men and beautiful single biker women. So, if you can have a try, you are likely to find your best biker date soon.

2. Getting a phone number can be easier

Because there are much more options to take, it is even harder to receive a phone number online than in real life. Often, a single Harley woman will receive countless emails and messages from other members, which means you are competing with many other singles. She may just choose only one to contact whose profile or email content may arouse her feelings. So, it is important to write an outstanding email based on her profile.

3. Multiple dates can be easier to find “The One”

Most single bikers hope they can find “The One” on dating sites. So they think that going on multiple dates will help them find the special one easily. In fact, it will make it harder to focus on one if you are dating with several riders at the same time. It is possible that you will miss your perfect biker date when you are busy replying other ones. The better choice is trying your best to find the one you are really interested in and spend your time on this one.

4. It is easy to get scammed when dating online

It is not true. As long as you don’t want to be cheated, then you won’t. When you are dating on biker dating sites, it is important to keep your private information to yourself, like your home address, company address, your phone number and even your friends’ names. And pick a public places for your first face-to-face date with a single Harley rider.


Online dating have always been a controversial topic regardless of the development of technology over the years. But it is an undeniable fac...