Take your sweet biker girl out for a long distance ride is the best way to show her how exciting and amazing a motorcycle trip is. But sometimes, your biker babe will not be able to go with you for some reasons. Then you can try to convey all the excitement and adventure of the trip in pictures to your biker date.

Then you may take a camera with you and shoot dozens of pictures on the way. When you get home, you will find that everything in your photos is so flat and uninspiring. It will be useless when you try to explain how wonderful it is to your biker lady and biker friends. Fortunately, there are many guidelines motorcyclists can follow to make a big difference on photographing.

1. Your photo gear.

Good photos can be made with cheap equipment. But a good photo gear can make it enjoyable to take more photos, which means you have a better variety to share. Besides, it is not convenient to take a lot of bulky camera gear on a motorcycle. So a camera with a zoom feature is a better choice for biker men on the go. This kind of camera has a lens that ranges from a wide angle to a telephoto, making it easier to compose photos. And a digital camera is great because it has a huge saving space.

2. The position of your subject.

“The rule of thirds” is the most practical rule employed by most photographers. Just imagine a tic-tac-toe board in the viewfinder and try to put your subject on one of those lines. Don’t always put the entire motorcycle in your shot. Just try tank, or the headlight or any piece of the bike, which should be enough to create some good pictures.

3. Seeing the light.

Usually, male or female Harley riders need to make sure the sun or the light is behind you, avoiding the dreaded black hole. If necessary, turn on the flash to fill in the dark areas. And consider to take photos in the early morning or late afternoon when you can get nice warm glow.

4. Capture the action

Some auto-focus cameras have a delay between pressing the shutter button and the camera actually taking the picture, make it difficult to make action photos. Biker men only need to predict where the subject will be and pre-focus on that spot, then press the shutter. They probably will get the action photos they want.

Finally, motorcycle riders have to spare some time to think about the important moments they want to remember or the views they want their biker girl to see, and train the eyes to look for opportunities to take photos.


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