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How to Take Great Photos For Motorcyclists

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Take your sweet biker girl out for a long distance ride is the best way to show her how exciting and amazing a motorcycle trip is. But sometimes, your biker babe will not be able to go with you for some reasons. Then you can try to convey all the excitement and adventure of the trip in pictures to your biker date.

Then you may take a camera with you and shoot dozens of pictures on the way. When you get home, you will find that everything in your photos is so flat and uninspiring. It will be useless when you try to explain how wonderful it is to your biker lady and biker friends. Fortunately, there are many guidelines motorcyclists can follow to make a big difference on photographing.

1. Your photo gear.
Good photos can be made with cheap equipment. But a good photo gear can make it enjoyable to take more photos, which means you have a better variety to share. Besides, it is not convenient to take a lot of bulky camera gear on a motorcycle. So a camera with a zoom feature is a better choice for biker men on the go. This kind of camera has a lens that ranges from a wide angle to a telephoto, making it easier to compose photos. And a digital camera is great because it has a huge saving space.

2. The position of your subject.
“The rule of thirds” is the most practical rule employed by most photographers. Just imagine a tic-tac-toe board in the viewfinder and try to put your subject on one of those lines. Don’t always put the entire motorcycle in your shot. Just try tank, or the headlight or any piece of the bike, which should be enough to create some good pictures.

3. Seeing the light.
Usually, male or female Harley riders need to make sure the sun or the light is behind you, avoiding the dreaded black hole. If necessary, turn on the flash to fill in the dark areas. And consider to take photos in the early morning or late afternoon when you can get nice warm glow.

4. Capture the action
Some auto-focus cameras have a delay between pressing the shutter button and the camera actually taking the picture, make it difficult to make action photos. Biker men only need to predict where the subject will be and pre-focus on that spot, then press the shutter. They probably will get the action photos they want.

Finally, motorcycle riders have to spare some time to think about the important moments they want to remember or the views they want their biker girl to see, and train the eyes to look for opportunities to take photos.

Ways to Find Riding Buddies for Motorcycle Adventures

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Since you are here, you are definitely a single biker who wants to find riding buddies to ride with you for your next motorcycle adventures. Here are 10 ways you can use to find new riding partners.

1. Motorcycle riders meeting places
Every city has several meeting places where motorcycle riders congregate. There will be all types of single Harley riders gathering to share their riding experiences. So, you can try to chat with them and see if there are bikers who love adventure motorcycle riding. If you think he or she is the right partner you want, then ask him or her to ride with you for your next trip.

2. Adventure Bike Rallys
Adventure Bike Rallys are motorcycle gatherings for bikers to get off-road trainings, to attend trip preparation seminars and to join group rides. There you will find many Harley riders who love adventure motorcycle riding. And during the long-distance riding journey and the camping night, you will have chances to make friends with other adventure riders who will probably be your riding partners for your trips in the future.

3. Adventure Bike Forums
It is a great way to find new riding buddies on online forums. You can create a post on the section of motorcycle riding with your information about your riding style and state clearly that you are likely to find other adventure riders who are willing to ride with others. And leave your contact information or ask those bikers who are interested in going for a ride to leave messages on your forum.

4. Motorcycle clubs
Motorcycle clubs are created to bring local bikers together to help them to make new friends and to learn skills from experienced riders. If you are a member of one of the motorcycle clubs in your city, then you will get many opportunities to attend riding groups and riding events to make friends with many new biker friends. Thus, you will probably meet many adventure riders who are willing to ride with you.

5. Social networks
Motorcycle riders can also find many riding buddies on social network groups like Facebook, Yahoo, Google Plus and so on. Of course, speaking of social websites, biker dating sites can be a great place to meet kinds of riders from all over the world. Just create an account on one of those dating sites, and search bikers who share the same interest with you. Then you will get numerous riding buddies who can ride with you in the future.

These 5 ways are not all the best ways to find riding partners for an adventure motorcycle riding. If you know some other good ways to find new biker friends, just share your suggestions in the comments below.

Why Bikers Need to Find Riding Buddies for Motorcycle Adventures

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Many bikers who love adventure motorcycle riding don’t have riding buddies. They simply choose to ride without anyone to accompany them and they accept that it comes along with additional risk. In that case, they will choose to ride on well-traveled roads only in the wildness and carry an emergency device with them, which will limit them to enjoy the freedom and the views to the fullest. Of course, the safest way to do adventure motorcycle riding is to ride with other companions who also fans of this kind of activity.

There are many good reasons to ride with friends and partners beyond just safety. Good riding buddies can not only help you improve your safety but also make riding more fun. Even if riding with a single biker girl can allow you to be safer than riding alone. When you have good riding buddies to be with you in the wild, the adventure ride becomes a team effort. You will get timely help to get you up when there is a fall, get assistance to repair your motorcycle and a free tow if your bike is broken and cannot go on the ride. There may be several less-traveled riding roads that you want to try, but you also know it is dangerous to ride alone. Then biker buddies can be there to ride those best roads with you.

Besides, riding with your biker girl or biker man can be the greatest dating idea for you if he or she shares the same passion for adventure motorcycling with you. On the road, you two can do the things you two are interested in – spend the whole day and night on the motorcycles, which will be the best memory for your romantic relationship. By this kind of dating, it is possible that you two will get more familiar with each other and finally strengthen your relationship.

If you are a new adventure rider, then riding with several experienced riding buddies can help you learn many skills and tips to become a better rider and have a perfect adventure motorcycle riding. They can lead you to ride the roads that you have ever rode and show you many secrets to have a wonderful experience, which will allow you to try new things and make you want to do it again and again.

However, bikers are adults and it’s up to them to weigh the pros and cons of riding solo and make their own choices. If you want to make a change to have an adventure motorcycle trip with riding buddies, try to find yourself some good bikers.